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Preprint: chemarxv
* corresponding author.
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* corresponding author.
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* corresponding author.
The Letter.
The Response by Kessler et al.
The Supplemental Information on FigShare.
Original paper by Kessler et al.
(17) Wan, X.; Yang, T.; Cuesta, A.; Pang, X.; Balius, T. E.; Irwin, J.; Shoichet, B. K.; Taunton, J. Discovery of Lysine-Targeted eIF4E Inhibitors through Covalent Docking. JACS, Communication, 2020, 142, 11, 4960-4964. doi: 10.1021/jacs.9b10377, PMID: 32105459, PMCID: PMC7136196.
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* these authors contributed equally to this work.
Nature Editorial.
Nature News & Views.
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* these authors contributed equally to this work.
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* these authors contributed equally to this work.
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* these authors contributed equally to this work.
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* these authors contributed equally to this work.
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* these authors contributed equally to this work.
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(0) Balius, T.E. Application and Development of Computational Tools in Drug Discovery, Ph.D Dissertation, Stony Brook University, 2012. PDF, proquest link

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